Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sun-In and a Curling Iron--A Good Start to June

Naturally my hair is super dark brown. Not like, black brown but a dark brown that dos not get highlights in summer. It's also really straight. A little flip at the ends maybe, but other than that, pin straight. I've always been kind of bummed about that. So I decided to do something about it. 

For as long as I can remember I have seen ads in magazines every summer for Sun-In. I always thought it was for blondes who wanted to be blonder, but i decided to look it up anyway. The website gave very little information so I looked up reviews. Most basically just said DON'T USE IF YOU HAVE VERY DARK HAIR. Well, "how dark is 'very dark'?" I wondered. I decided to give it a shot. Hey, if it turned red (like they all said it might), no biggie, I'd just have red hair. Plus, it's so darn cheap- like, less than five dollars cheap. So, I did it. I've been using for maybe a week now. After I get out of the shower I dry my hair just a little and then spray it in all over, comb it through and then blow dry it (the sun isn't hot enough here to put that method to use). It makes my hair a little dry, but to remedy that I put a little bit of olive oil in my hair before bed, and that work wonders. The results are in: My hair is many shades lighter and I have highlights for summer! I love it. It's very dynamic and not red at all.

I'm diggin' the Sun-In. So, the next order of business was shape. I had finally achieved volume with the blow dryer (before all of this hair adventuring my hair was very  boring, as you might guess). I got some ok shape with just that, but it was still straight and so of course I got bored. So the other day I went online to search for some easy things to do. Particularly, beachy waves. 

This is what I found: How To: Beachy Waves. I used a smaller curling iron, but I followed these few   guidelines, pretty much. I didn't have any shine serum so instead I just spayed a little bit of Tresemm√© extra firm hold hair spray (seriously, only a little, that stuff it intense) and then smoothed it out.
It held all day long and looked fantastic! Plus, it wasn't crunchy from the hairspray. 12 hours later, my hair is still soft and wavy, even though I've already brushed it out (as shown in the above picture).  I will definitely be doing this hairstyle many more times this summer, with the addition of the lighter hair from Sun-In, it looks so nice and summery! You definitely should try it if you like summery-looking hair. I know I do.

One last note: Before using any heat implements (blow dryer, 
curling iron, flat iron, etc.) I use Tresemm√© Heat Tamer 
Protective Spray. It works really well and smells really good! 
We all know how rough all that heat is on your hair, but with 
this spray, and some regular old olive oil at night, it doesn't get 
so dry.

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