Tuesday, June 12, 2012


So I just watched the movie TiMER on Netflix. 

It was a really good movie, but it got me thinking...

See, the plot of the movie is basically that everyone has one soul mate. Someone made a device called (the timer) that tells you when you are going to meet your soul mate. It goes off on the day you are going to meet them and then again when you make eye contact. Until then it counts down the days and even seconds until you will meet them. For some it is almost right away (after they get the timer implanted), for others it is years, and for some people it is blank. If your soul mate, your 'one', hasn't had a timer implanted then your timer will be blank. For the main character of the movie, Oona O'Leary (played by the amazing Emma Caulfield) the timer is blank. She meets a younger guy who has a (fake) timer that is actively counting down. He falls in love with her but she is too preoccupied with the timer. Her sister has a timer with a date long off but she meets a guy without a timer and starts to fall for him. And this is where I warn you that I am going to spoil the ending. So it turns out that Oona's soul mate is Dan, the guy her sister likes. Finally she gets her timer removed as her sister did earlier, but she already knows, and as Mikey (the younger guy) tells her, it's too late. She basically just accepts that according to the timer, Dan is her soul mate and so he must be the only one for her, and the movie ends with Oona being a little flirtatious with Dan, hinting at something more late.

I have a problem with all of that. First of all, um, sister code? Dan was the guy her sister really liked, he should have been off limits. It's all too weird. And then, second, there's Mikey. He loves Oona, and she doesn't even try to love him back. Way uncool. Third, only one? Can people only have one true love? What happens if that person dies? Or you never find them? Will you always be alone? Or will any other love you have not be 'true'? One soul mate or no soul mate? I choose not to believe any of that. People can have many true loves I think. Different kinds maybe, I don't know. I've never been in love.

So, in conclusion, I thought TiMER was a great movie. Great acting, great characters, great plot. And I guess the ending made sense, it just wasn't what I wanted to hear.

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