Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Book of the Every-Now-and-Then

A while ago I watched a BBC mini-series version of Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South on Netflix. It was amazing! Seriously. A great story, great acting, just great. I watched it more than once before I decided to read the book. I bought it used for a quarter (plus shipping and handling-like, 4 dollars total) at Barnes and Noble online. I'm not very far yet but it so far I love it. The great thing about BBC is that their mini-series adaptations of books are always really faithful. That holds true for North and South.

North and South was first published in 1854, written by Elizabeth Gaskell. It is about a young woman named Margaret Hale who lives in London with her aunt and cousin until her cousin's wedding. She then moves back to her parent's home in the country. She loves Helstone and loves being back there. Unfortunately, it doesn't last long. Her father leaves the church for reasons of doubt (rather vague, I know) and moves the family to the North, to a manufacturing town called Milton. Her father intends to do private tutoring there and already knows of one young man who is interested- John Thornton (the love interest of the novel). Margaret and Mr. Thornton have a Darcy and Elizabeth type clash of ethics but there is romance between them. Margaret learns to love the North and for once in her life sees the faults of the South. 

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